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    Mafra / Ericeira

    At 30km from Lisbon, we will take you to a unique place, which has two well-kept secrets: A unique Palace and a World Surf Reserve
    A Palace, a Convent, a Basilica, in a single monument: Palace of Mafra.
    It is a building dating back to 1717. In this majestic Baroque-style monument with 1200 divisions, 4500 windows and doors you can find two carillons, which are the largest in the world, with 98 bells and six organs.
    Another thing you can not miss is the library, which has 40,000 books in gold and skin. The monks who lived there created a colony of bats that eat insects that demage the books during the night. This is how the books have survived until nowadays.

    Ericeira became a World Surfing Reserve in 2011. It was the second to be distinguished in the whole world and it continues to this day.
    Come and see the beautiful beaches, with a fantastic view in this fishing village.
    Here you can also eat the best seafood and fresh fish that the Portuguese coast can give you.

    Price: upon enquiry.
    Lunch and tickets not included.
    All mandatory insurances are included.
    Max. 8 Pax per car.
    Pick up / drop off at your place (Sintra area).

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