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    Exploring Sintra

    Passing the Palaces and the old historical center and sightseeing.

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    Sintra National Palace

    The thousand-year-old history of the Palace of the Town of Sintra began during the Muslim occupation of the Iberian Peninsula.

    This Palace is also called Town Palace, because it’s located in the town of Sintra.

    Anyone visiting Sintra, going up the large curve around the valley known as the “Volta do Duche”, is immediately struck by the clear white outline of the Town Palace which dominates with its two immense cones that corresponded to its colossal chimneys. No one will remain indifferent to the originality and the bizarre character of this rich building, resting in the valley and facing the very small town just ahead.

    Regaleira Palace

    This is one of Sintra’s main tourist attractions. This magical village with its extravagant neo-Manueline gardens, dreamed by an Italian opera designer, Luigi Manini, under the orders of the Brazilian tycoon of precious stones and transport, António Carvalho Monteiro, known by Monteiro dos Millões.

    Seteais Palace:

    Built in the 18th century by the Dutch Gildmeester and rebuilt by the 5th Marquis of Marialva. Currently it is a famous fiver stars hotel unit. The garden and the belvedere are open to the public

    Moorish Castle

    At 412m above sea level, this amazing castle rises above the surrounding forest. When the clouds move away, the view over Sintra is spectacular, up to the bright Atlantic Ocean, and becomes – just like the cliff – breathtaking. This Moorish Castle is classified as a national monument. Built by Arabs in the 8th century, it had great military significance. Conquered definitively to the Moors in 1147, by the first king of Portugal, Afonso Henriques

    Pena Palace:

    The most famous building in Sintra is Pena Palace. Built in the 1840s, on the top of the hill, that can easily be seen from Lisbon and it is one of Europe’s most fantastic palaces.
    The palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal. This palace it is a maximum reference of Portuguese Romantic architecture.

    Monserrate Palace:

    Monserrate Palace is a beautiful 19th century stately home. This extravagantly decorated palace blends Portuguese, Arabian and Indian architectural styles and is one the most beautiful buildings in Sintra. The palace was commissioned by Francis Cook, an English textile baron, who used the estate as a summer retreat.
    The grounds of the Monserrate Palace hide specialist and exotic gardens with non-native plants. This palace is the smallest of Sintra’s three palaces but it is by far the most decorative and beautiful one.


    Colares have the previlege to have Sintra vilage has background, combining the surrounding nature with the beautiful fields, dominated by vineyards.
    Colares wine house is a point of unavoidable visit.

    Cabo da Roca:

    At the westernmost point of Europe, where the land ends and the sea begins. The Sintra Mountain here abruptly meets the Atlantic Ocean in a cliff of more than 100 m high. The cape is wind-swept, and even in the middle of summer can be cold enough for a jacket or sweater. When weather permits, the views of the cliff are breathtaking.

    Praia Grande:

    Known for the good formation of waves, surfers and body boardes reign here. Hosts the Bodyboard World Tour event in August / September every year.
    At the south end of Praia Grande you can see visible footprints of dinosaurs in a limestone cliff wall.

    Praia das Maçãs:

    Here you may find some fascinating countryside combined to an undread-year-old tram, that connects Sintra to Praia das Maçãs.
    Here you may find the bests sea food restaurants and a traditional market, all this by the sea.

    Azenhas do Mar:

    Located on a cliff off the coast of Lisbon, near Sintra, Azenhas do Mar is among the most appreciated and exciting beaches in Europe. Because of the amazing views that it offers, it remains a popular tourist destination in both winter and summer. It gives you a chance to admire the great Atlantic Ocean in its entire splendor.
    With white houses perched on the North Slope and an extraordinary swimming pools dug out of the rock.

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