About Us


Welcome to Sintra !! Our mission is to make you happy in this magical place.
This is a place to reminisce with a smile on your face.
We live in Sintra and we love this village.
We are a family business that loves meeting new people.
Sharing knowledge with others is like traveling.
We want to show you our favorite sites and provide the best experiences in Sintra.

And believe us, there are MANY!


There are mountains, palaces, beaches, great food, and all the mysteries that are characteristic of Sintra.
We can plan your tour in order to provide you with memorable memories. We do tours according to your wishes.

We love history and old cars!


This is the reason why all of our cars are classic.
Classics and Sintra .. two passions together!

Interesting Facts

We recommend you start the tours early in the morning (9am), and bring a warm jacket. The weather in Sintra is always unpredictable.


Here there are amazing monuments, palaces, gardens and landscapes that make our senses awake.


Come with us to discover the magical history about this perfect place !!


Once upon a time there was an enchanted place called Cintia, where kings and queens lived and where richer families built beautiful houses to spend the summer. Writers and musicians wrote about it.

And imagine, this place still exists, and now it is called Sintra.
This is a place where you can find an enchanted palace made by a King artist, Fernando II. A mysterious Palace built by an intelligent man named Carvalho Monteiro, with the help of a senographer and architect named Luigi Manini or an exotic place with a Moorish touch.

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